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24/7 online dry cleaners

24/7 Online Dry Cleaners

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we understand the challenges of leading a busy lifestyle. Juggling a career along with never ending household chores is not easy. Having seen the dry cleaning industry grow and evolve over the past three decades, we understood how important it is to offer customers 24/7 dry cleaning. This led us to develop a website which seamlessly blends with your schedule and allows you to choose everything from garment alterations, dry cleaning, washing and ironing as well as shoe repairs in one place. With pickups and deliveries possible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at the click of a button, we are as handy as it gets.

You can order at any time of the day or night and one of our diligent team of drivers will take it from there. We have a four step process which involves an online order, pick up, cleaning at our factory and delivery back to the customer. No distance is too far for us and no time is too late thanks to our computerized systems which allow us to beat the traffic and choose the best routes.

At Gold Dry Cleaners, we do our part in conserving the environment by using electric trucks and eco friendly detergents. Corporate social responsibility is high on our priority list as we have a strong faith in leaving the earth cleaner and greener for the future generations. Hence, where we strive to offer convenience to our customers, we do not do so at the expense of the environment. The computerized systems we employ further help us cut down on paper usage thereby saving trees.

Gold Dry Cleaners are proud to report that we have a state of the art factory with all work done in house. Having a strong team of professionals allows us to have this unique selling proposition. We have experts for everything be it alterations, repairs or pressing. Our modern equipment also allows us to cater to larger volumes in less time. Bulk orders can be cleaned with short turn around times because of our bespoke floor less systems. Online Dry Cleaners are one of the industry leaders in terms of the quick turnaround times we offer often as little as 4 hours. With our tagline of Value you can trust, we aim to build a rapport with our customers by providing the same brilliant service every time. Even though we are high on maximizing the convenience factor, we do not do so by over charging. Log on to our website to check out our affordable prices. With regular discount codes and deals being updated, it is worthwhile to sign up and become a member and save on your next order.

Dry Cleaners online service is tailored to customers schedules. We create a hassle free experience which aims to make washing and ironing the least of your concerns. Try our services today to make your life less stressful and have one task off your to do list.

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